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Pool: One of them is a semi-Olympic heated indoor swimming pool 1Aquaparklı including 2 open swimming pool, a jacuzzi pool to pool in total there are 4.

Mini Football Field: 1 Piece Artificial Grass Astroturf Basketball: 1 Piece basketball court.

Tennis: 1 unit of international size tennis court.

Game Room: Billiards, Foosball, Table Tennis, Air Hockey.

Child Game Room: (0-8) age children to have fun mini-game room.

Sports Hall: All 25 pieces of professional work station device for.

Live Music: Every Night meals are served in the main restaurant with live music.

SPA Center: Spa center offers many health and care facilities.

Turkish Bath: Dual core Bowl Turkish bath and massage can feel sac. Peeling with the opening of pores, disposed of dead skin, cleanses the body from bacteria off the skin to breathe. Skin vitality, health and shine. Allows the transformation of negative energy to positive energy in the body. Spa body treatments Spa treatments begin the best way to prepare the ideal environment for the benefit and reduce the risk of sun allergies.

Sauna: Burns calories, speeds up blood circulation, provides a deep and comfortable sleep, the muscles relax. Allows harmful toxins from the body is taken out, cleans the skin pores, the stress score in

Steam Bath: For in-depth cleaning of the skin temperature of healthy skin gevşediğini feel lifted. Negative energy, positive energy, turning the steam bath opens pores. With the effect of the steam relaxes tired muscles and joints to relax and leave the location. Steam bath, body, fitness and vitality of the mind allows.

Jacuzzi: accelerates blood circulation and toxins from the body, arising through the exhaust also contributes to skin. At the same time as a result of stimulation of nerve endings in the skin, ranging from a decrease in some of the pain of daily life helps to get rid of tension. In addition, sports activities or after a stressful and tiring at the end of the day hydromassage, former dynamism of the human body plays a very important role in gaining and providing mental relaxation.